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Database upgraded

The database CALS uses, postgresql, has been updated to its newest and shiniest available version, 9.5. Unfortunately, due to a file-conflict, it was not possible to have CALS up and running while this was going on, so CALS was offline for about fifteen minutes today.

This version of postgresql has pretty good support for storing JSON. This means that some things I've wanted to do with CALS for a long time suddenly becomes much easier. Stay tuned!

Pinned: 2016-06-11 08:24

Alert, Twitter Users! You may want to change your password

If you use twitter to login, be it here or elsewhere, you might want to change your twitter password. Malware has collected twitter passwords, and yours might be among them.

If you use twitter or github to log in to CALS, you can add an old-style password in addition, as backup. When logged in, click on your username in the top right corner, then look for the "Change"-link.

Pinned: 2016-06-09 08:14

2016-06-30 12:20 New translation of "Farewell" into Ernalan by marvelousbecca

Quadhritēmi $


bye $

2016-06-30 12:14 Changed language: Ernalan

Ernalan by Becca was updated.

What defines your conlang?

By adding your language here, and answering the questions by choosing a single value for each relevant WALS-feature (e.g. it's not a goal to answer every single one of them!), you might discover new things in your conlang, or grammar gaps that need to be filled somehow. By reading the descriptions of each feature at WALS, you also get a crash course in linguistic typology and universals – but be warned, some of those papers are overly scholarly...

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