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Research librarians for conlang relays needed!

Reward: warm, fuzzy feelings from saving conlang relays from disappearing into the ether + the joys of detective work + one golden Research Librarian badge + a little something extra on your public profile page.

Please inquire at the Relay Museum.

Pinned: 2016-03-22 21:56

The relay museum is back!

The RelayMuseum, an archive and backup of conlang relays, is once again up and running.

How to get relay badges

If and only if..

  1. You have taken part in a relay, by translating or administering
  2. The relay is backed up to the museum
  3. The name you used for yourself in the relay is connected to a username here at CALS

.. you will automatically receive the appropriate badge: Torchbearer, Ring master or Relay master.

Pinned: 2016-03-22 21:28

2016-05-24 12:46 Changed language: bal'ukbar

bal'ukbar by 'amabery was updated.

2016-05-19 16:22 Changed language: FancyWIP

FancyWIP by Brv was updated.

What defines your conlang?

By adding your language here, and answering the questions by choosing a single value for each relevant WALS-feature (e.g. it's not a goal to answer every single one of them!), you might discover new things in your conlang, or grammar gaps that need to be filled somehow. By reading the descriptions of each feature at WALS, you also get a crash course in linguistic typology and universals – but be warned, some of those papers are overly scholarly...

CALS challenges

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