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Outage due to machine-room work

Yesterday at 16:00 +02:00 (14:00 UTC) the rack where the server CALS runs on needed adjusting. It turns out the rack was in worse shape than expected so everything needed to be turned off and removed and then reinserted and re-plugged. This took a lot longer than the two hours planned.

During the replugging, the ethernet-cable that connects CALS's server to the internet was overlooked and not plugged back in... The server itself has been up and running for hours, but offline. It was, obviously, replugged a few minutes ago.

The rack in question is volunteer run and gratis, and summer time is the traditional season for doing this kind of work. Next time though, I hope the warning goes out early and loudly enough so that I can help out my co-volunteers.

Pinned: 2016-07-06 06:20

Database upgraded

The database CALS uses, postgresql, has been updated to its newest and shiniest available version, 9.5. Unfortunately, due to a file-conflict, it was not possible to have CALS up and running while this was going on, so CALS was offline for about fifteen minutes today.

This version of postgresql has pretty good support for storing JSON. This means that some things I've wanted to do with CALS for a long time suddenly becomes much easier. Stay tuned!

Pinned: 2016-06-11 08:24

2017-02-22 16:52 Changed language: Onnasurin

Onnasurin by Friederich Kugelschreiber was updated.

2017-02-20 05:12 Changed language: Thulean

Thulean by Rhebeqah was updated.

What defines your conlang?

By adding your language here, and answering the questions by choosing a single value for each relevant WALS-feature (e.g. it's not a goal to answer every single one of them!), you might discover new things in your conlang, or grammar gaps that need to be filled somehow. By reading the descriptions of each feature at WALS, you also get a crash course in linguistic typology and universals – but be warned, some of those papers are overly scholarly...

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