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New address!

Try accessing CALS through the new domain name! (It might not have spread to your corner of the world yet though, the Big Red Button was just pressed...) It's not the best domain-name for the job, as those are being squatted, but it is short and sweet and only two parts long.

Pinned: 2014-03-29 23:50


The code that connects a feature with a language has been greatly cleaned up, and as a side-effect it is now possible to explicitly remove such a feature. There is no undo though. There are lots of tiny improvements as well, for instance who gets to change what is now more sensible. Have a look!

Pinned: 2014-03-29 22:48

2014-04-17 18:49 New translation of "Cogito ergo sum" into Laytele by gobblette

Jokauk yuvirdok varmox, jonauc.

The verb "kauk" (think) with the first-person prefix "jo"

adok (manner, way) in the instrumental definite case (virdok) with the "and" prefix yu-

Adjective "yemox" (this) in the instrumental case.

The verb "nauc" (be) with the first-person prefix "jo"

I think, therefore I am

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What defines your conlang?

By adding your language here, and answering the questions by choosing a single value for each relevant WALS-feature (e.g. it's not a goal to answer every single one of them!), you might discover new things in your conlang, or grammar gaps that need to be filled somehow. By reading the descriptions of each feature at WALS, you also get a crash course in linguistic typology and universals – but be warned, some of those papers are overly scholarly...

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