Features for Lortho

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Uvular Consonants WALS None
Glottalized Consonants WALS No glottalized consonants
Tone WALS No tones

Nominal Categories

Number of Genders WALS Three
Number of Cases WALS 10 or more cases
There are exactly ten cases: NOM, ACC, DAT, GEN, SUBL, ALL, PROL, INST, ABL, and VOC
Position of Pronominal Possessive Affixes WALS Possessive prefixes
Possessive prefixes have three genders and match the person or thing to whom/which it refers - explicit or implicit.

Word Order

Order of Subject, Object and Verb WALS VSO
Order of Subject and Verb WALS VS
Order of Object and Verb WALS VO
Order of Negative Morpheme and Verb WALS [Neg-V]
Position of Negative Morpheme With Respect to Subject, Object and Verb WALS NegVSO


Writing Systems WALS Consonantal


Conlang type Artlang


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