Features for nedefinati

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Voicing and Gaps in Plosive Systems WALS None missing in /p t k b d g/
Uvular Consonants WALS None
Glottalized Consonants WALS No glottalized consonants
The Velar Nasal WALS No initial velar nasal
Vowel Nasalization WALS Contrast absent
Front Rounded Vowels WALS None
Tone WALS No tones
Presence of Uncommon Consonants WALS 'Th' sounds


Prefixing vs. Suffixing in Inflectional Morphology WALS Strongly suffixing
Reduplication WALS Productive full and partial reduplication

Nominal Categories

Number of Genders WALS Three
Sex-based and Non-sex-based Gender Systems WALS Sex-based
Systems of Gender Assignment WALS Semantic and formal
Definite Articles WALS Definite word distinct from demonstrative
Distance Contrasts in Demonstratives WALS Two-way contrast
Number of Cases WALS 8-9 cases
Position of Case Affixes WALS Case suffixes
Comitatives and Instrumentals WALS Differentiation
Ordinal Numerals WALS First, two-th, three-th

Nominal Syntax

Genitives, Adjectives and Relative Clauses WALS Highly differentiated
Noun Phrase Conjunction WALS 'And' different from 'with'

Verbal Categories

Perfective/Imperfective Aspect WALS Grammatical marking
The Past Tense WALS Present, no remoteness distinctions
The Future Tense WALS Inflectional future exists
The Perfect WALS Other perfect
The Optative WALS Inflectional optative present

Word Order

Order of Subject, Object and Verb WALS No dominant order
Order of Subject and Verb WALS SV
Order of Object and Verb WALS No dominant order
Order of Adposition and Noun Phrase WALS Prepositions
Order of Genitive and Noun WALS No dominant order
Order of Adjective and Noun WALS Adjective-Noun
Order of Demonstrative and Noun WALS Demonstrative-Noun
Order of Numeral and Noun WALS Numeral-Noun
Order of Degree Word and Adjective WALS Degree word-Adjective

Simple Clauses

Alignment of Case Marking of Full Noun Phrases WALS Nominative - accusative (standard)
Alignment of Case Marking of Pronouns WALS Nominative - accusative (standard)
Expression of Pronominal Subjects WALS Mixed
Ditransitive Constructions: The Verb 'Give' WALS Indirect-object construction
Passive Constructions WALS Present
Nonperiphrastic Causative Constructions WALS Both
Polar Questions WALS Question particle
Predicative Possession WALS 'Have'
Zero Copula for Predicate Nominals WALS Impossible


Hand and Arm WALS Different
Finger and Hand WALS Different
Numeral Bases WALS Decimal
Tea WALS Words derived from Sinitic cha


Writing Systems WALS Alphabetic


Conlang type Artlang


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