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Cogito ergo sum Ry ifa Gor A man talking: Ra t u þråt'aro. Ra t u prikr þå'aro. A woman talking: Ry t u þråt'aro. Ry t u prikr þå'aro.
Farewell Ry ifa Gor Writing: ra t hla (addressing a man) ry t hla (addressing a woman) Speach: rat'hla (addressing a man) ryt'hla (addressing a woman)
Greeting Ry ifa Gor Writing: ra t eihta (talking to a man) ry t eihta (talking to a woman) Speech: rat'eihta (talking to a man) ryt'eihta (talking to a woman)
CIV IV: Select 6 Ry ifa Gor Krik-njot (njot is a question suffix used instead of a question mark)
CIV IV: Select 7 Ry ifa Gor Ra lyo ysja tå njot (f) Ra ylo ysja tå njot (m)

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