Translation of "#13: The Missed Bus Relay" (Relay)

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Original: One morning in December I could watch the following scene across the street from a bus stop: A boy, obviously on his way to school, stood in front of a garden wall. He had an enormous red tomcat on his shoulder and this animal balanced skilfully while the boy tried hard to shake him off. With increasing panic he watched the bus stop knowing the bus would be due any second now... The cat was quite undisturbed. Once, he put a paw on the wall, but seemingly it felt too cold, so he quickly retreated to the boy's backpack. The moment when he was comfortably sitting, having tucked up his legs, the school bus arrived. I suppose the cat spent quite an interesting day.
A'mognurko Detzembro, mi follöyszjenol strassejo bus'ystappa zehamwen. Grazhji, ovvjym hywéjo szüle, gardnybaleno stáñam. Hi hüzhys rodys katzol hyszjoldrono avam, et i'anmji zgilys ekwam veno a'grazhji gvákö ardym trajtam. Engkrys pangkul, hi bus'ystappol boczam, ñówö bus'i kómamang. A'katzi áñ disztrvis. Egym, hi powkol balde pattam, néjý kaltasís daja, ý hi prestym grazhjybaxypäxe báxam. Momnji veno hi kongfrtym zetzam, avö hylegol tokkam, szülybusi kómam. Mi supjim, a'katzi kajtys intrtys dagol spentam.
Interlinear: Not added