Translation of "Genesis 11:1" (Babel-text)

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Original: 1. And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.
1. Bar uprĩdurto Sras rãnkau moj gãd ar moj pekĩ.
bar uprĩd-u-rto           Sras  rãnk-au      moj gãd      ar  moj pek-ĩ             .
AND have-3SG.NTOP.OBJ-REM Earth entirety-ADJ one language AND one abstraction-speak .
ba˞ upɹĩ'du˞to            sɹas  'ɹãnkaʊ      moɪ gãd      a˞  moɪ 'pekĩ             .

The classifiers used in other Lonian languages have disappeared in Gãdũ Fav outside of ordinals and compounds.