Existing translations to Batu

Translation Original Batu Interlinear? Translator
All your demands
All your demands will be met.
kwon kwen-or-tdokim-kin ftipa .
Yes Anonymous
Don't wash the bottle in the dishwasher
kwen ma-nen ragimalsi-tux-malsitun .
Yes Anonymous
Cogito ergo sum
I think, therefore I am
kwon flunp : kwon php .
Yes Anonymous
Colorless green dreams
Colorless green dreams sleep furiously.
wum-wrunta-nhsad la-lumap .
Yes Anonymous
Colorless green ideas
Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.
wum-wrunta-flunisad la-lumap .
Yes Anonymous
bye $
kwon $ mulop .
Yes Anonymous
Fiat Lingua!
fiat lingua!
isi .phta! .
Yes Anonymous
Grandfather and the Dragon
When my great-great-grandfather was a young man, he travelled out into the world. First he went west; there was only sand there. Then he went north; there was only snow there. Then he went east; there the mountains were too high and great-great-grandfather couldn't climb them. At last he decided to travel south, on foot, on horseback, by cart and by boat. In the south he saw the largest city in all the world.
wan-kwon-or-bewu-or-bewu-or-bewu-or-betu aje-wytu phpo . kwan iseko nfisp . kwan tinem nfisp . kwado dogi-sil mep . kwan manem nfisp . kwado dogi-pilu mep . kwan bandem nfisp . kwan kwado-or-xa-tat xabapoku . kwan prua nfisp . kwan plu typ . kwan npe typ . kwan wutyr typ . kwan maltyr typ . kwan prua finap . kwan set-bal-hl finap .
No Anonymous
hello $
kwon $ muxop .
Yes Anonymous
Genesis 11:1
1. And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.
iseko isigok isipo .
Yes Anonymous
CIV IV: Order 3
We're on it.
kwosad kwafo mep .
Yes Anonymous
#1: Starlings' song
The song of the starlings speaks of heroic deeds In the morning rain the heron does its laundry In the night the lark worships the stars Who sees the true nature of birds?
lukxafsad-or-naliz kul-bliksad nacip fmalmof Heron-xaf pa malsip Lark-xaf mafko manapxum kim ? ?kwaw? xafko-or-plo-max funap
No Anonymous
LCC3 live relay
Standing on the island's shore, Drifting off to sea. I wish that I could be, Drifting off to sea. All of my hopes and dreams, Drifting off to sea. I watch my lover's boat, Drifting off to sea.
kwon batu-or-malis-fagap kwon malis malap kwon kwafa kinip kwon malis malapzun kwon-or-tdokim-ginsad , kwon-or-tdokim-luginsad --- --- malis malap kwon wan-kwan-or-rewu-or-plumal finap kwan malis malap
No Anonymous
CotW Intro
On this page you can find Challenge of the Week (CotW), a project by #conlang. Each week, a challenge is posted by members of the channel, and all members can translate the text into their conlang(s). If you want, we can upload your translation, too. Just join #conlang and give us the text/link.
tra wan-masuco-tiri(COTW mep . kwan #conlang-or-tir . #conlang-or-wilako waz-tiri-bunko lilapmasuconek . wilasad-or-aieisisad kwaz dankisipix . kwonen kwen-or-dankxewisi mi-tinapstat . kwen kwafo kinip ! kwen #conlang krup , kwen kwen-or-dankxewisi lilap
No Anonymous
My hovercraft is full of eels
My hovercraft is full of eels.
kwon-or-plukob palgamsad tdokim-frop
Yes Anonymous