Existing translations to Interlingua Romanica

Translation Original Interlingua Romanica Interlinear? Translator
hello $
No Anonymous
We are humans
We are humans and we are from Earth.
Somos homines e somos de la Terra.
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Select 1
At your service.
A vostro servicio.
Yes Anonymous
CIV IV: Select 2
Tell me what to do.
Dice me que facer.
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Select 3
Awaiting your orders.
Attendendo vostros ordines.
Yes Anonymous
CIV IV: Select 4
Ready for action.
Preparatos pro la action.
Yes Anonymous
CIV IV: Select 7
Your orders?
Vostros ordines?
Yes Anonymous
CIV IV: Select 8
What do you need?
De que hete besonio?
Yes Anonymous
1HGT: #1
The apple is red.
Le pomo est rubro.
Yes Anonymous
1HGT: #2
It is John’s apple.
Illo est le pomo de Johannes.
Yes Anonymous
1HGT: #3
I give John the apple.
Io do a Johannes le pomo.
Yes Anonymous
1HGT: #4
We give him the apple.
Nos le damos le pomo.
Yes Anonymous