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The Rain Song
The Rain Song It is raining in the night in the desert It is raining My soul is peaceful. The raindrops are falling in the daytime on the leaves The raindrops are falling My heart lifts. The time of rain has come For a time in the mountains The time of rain has come My soul rejoices.
sarsa sarla xE rre sarsa f.p.n. dn olo ween zz kapa dor xE rre sarsa f.p.n. xE rre eje wEhNh xE rre kapa f.p.n. dn harphe won qraffa xE rre kapa f.p.n. xE rre eje yEy xE rre LYEsarsa tim aLYEuk sial won dor xE rre LYEsarsa tim aLYEuk xE rre eje hEmLYEmrE
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Genesis 11:1
1. And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.
xA rre LYEqejyu sLYAsw dn 1 wart/.
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Concerning the Stars. There are four types of stars. The name of the first is walking stars, because they wander the night sky. The name of the second is stationary stars. They are distant suns. The name of the third is dying, or falling, stars. They are rocks that fall from the night sky. The name of the fourth is foreign stars. They are the stars that appear for a short time in the night sky. They are suns of worlds whom Goddess destroyed in her wrath.
tie li lyuma, xA rre sor v.t. 4 poe/. xE rre 1 lyuma sAsweh walaka lyuma, art hLYArnt ween olo cia/. xA rre 2 lyuma sAsweh quive lyuma, ag v.t. dea yeeel sheak/. xA rre 3 lyuma sAsweh d.z. lyuma an f.p.n. lyuma, ag v.t. dea ganna fIpnza elle olo cia/. xU rre 4 lyuma sAsweh tussu lyuma, ag tArm vLYAt dn sial tim dOz/. xU rre sor v.t. dea ciel xLYIyLYOnehza dea Oguatrz_nosaash/.
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