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hello $
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Proletariat of the world
Proletariat of the world, unite!
a terro no i ma okto foyo no planti, le opla sama uno!
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Travelphrases 2
Where is the beach?
plajo eke?
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Travelphrases 4
Don't touch me there!
le ne tanja me ese!
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#15: The Dancing Out Of Time Relay
A Riddle See them dance. The have no leader. They have no music but their own voices, nor have they studied any choreography. Each goes where he will. But their dance is the most graceful, the most harmonious of all dances. There are no dancers more lithe than they are. They turn and weave so that they seem to have a single mind. This seems the least difficult work for them. Do any dancers make greater beauty with less effort? But they take not a single step.
• Enigmo • le-vida to baile! • to ne ma duco. • to bi-usa justa selfo mo voco no muzikazo, • i to nee ge-studia on bailoglaffo. • de to omlo bi-vade a selfo kelo loko. • velse, to bailo da de bailo toto pii grasioso i pii armonioso no. • pii ajle kan to no bailo neke. • koz to bi-rrote i bi-sinuate, • de to toto palesca ma uno samo mento. • to palesce da pii facle faza to no oplo. • ci bi-faca pii magno berro usa men mutco folso no bailo neke? • velse, to ne bi-ande uno passo!
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LCC2 live relay
"The Talking Rock" Yesterday I was walking along the beach when I tripped over a rock that could talk. I picked up the talking rock and said, "Hey! Are you a talking rock?" The talking rock said, "Yes, I am a talking rock." I asked the talking rock, "Why didn't you tell me to avoid you?" The talking rock replied, "Because I'm a mean talking rock." The talking rock's words made me angry, so I threw it into the ocean. I never saw the talking rock again.
Bi-Govo Petro • deyele me fi-ande a plajo. • meo podo kontra petro i me kade. • voco dice "ai me dole!" • me plenda eto petro i dice • "ave petri, ci te pota gove?" • to petro dice • "soo, me petre i bi-gove." • me eska to petro • "koza ke te ne dica me, me deba kava te?" • to dice "koz me kattive." • koz to ge-dico fa-ila me, • me jakta to ina oceano. • me ne ge-vida elo petro poste.
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Yesterday's boys
The boys whom I saw yesterday were Karl and Jake
me vida deyele no cikko da Karro gu Jeyko.
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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
novo anno le felice!
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