Translation of "LCC2 live relay" (Relay)

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Original: "The Talking Rock" Yesterday I was walking along the beach when I tripped over a rock that could talk. I picked up the talking rock and said, "Hey! Are you a talking rock?" The talking rock said, "Yes, I am a talking rock." I asked the talking rock, "Why didn't you tell me to avoid you?" The talking rock replied, "Because I'm a mean talking rock." The talking rock's words made me angry, so I threw it into the ocean. I never saw the talking rock again.
"Sarm Warni" Ri pin de rum sombi sangorumb bendwimumb, pin rum durfu iro sarm u brawo warni le. Pin rum bilu sarm warni ir rum ma, "Ra! So emb umbur sarm warni?" Sarm warni rum ma, "Glan, pin umbur sarm warni." Pin rum robro sarm warni, "Swalfir emb rum ma pinó wur pin bren flembi emb?" Sarm warni rum rama, "Alpar pin umbur sarm warni belgo." Ramawir slarm warnilil bilfen pin rariró, gwéro, pin rum sarmbe gur resenó. Pin rum remendi sarm warni lawu wore.
sarm warni
rock word

ri    pin de   rum sombi sango-rumb bendwim-umb pin rum durfu iro        sarm u   brawo warni  le
while 1SG PROG PST walk  beach-LOC  dinner-LOC  1SG PST fall  because_of rock REL use   speech can

pin rum bilu sarm warni ir  rum ma  ra  so emb umbur sarm warni
1SG PST take rock word  and PST say hey Q  2SG be    rock word

sarm warni rum ma  glan    pin umbur sarm warni
rock word  PST say correct 1SG be    rock word

pin rum robro sarm warni swalfir emb rum ma  pinó    wur pin bren   flembi emb
1SG PST ask   rock word  why     2SG PST say 1SG.ALL NEG 1SG should pass   2SG

sarm warni rum ra-ma  alpar   pin umbur sarm warni belgo
rock word  PST re-say because 1SG be    rock word  cruel

ra-ma-wir  slarm    warni-lil bilfen pin rari-ró   gwéro    pin rum sarmbe      gur           resen-ó
re-say-ing rock.GEN word-GEN  carry  me  angry-ALL this.ABL 1SG PST throw_stone 3SG.INANIMATE sea-ALL

pin rum remendi sarm warni   lawu  wore
1SG PST meet    rock talking again never