Translation of "The Tower of Babel" (Standalone)

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Original: And all the earth had one language and one tongue. And it came about that in their wandering from the east, they came to a stretch of flat country in the land of Shinar, and there they made their living-place. And they said one to another, Come, let us make bricks, burning them well. And they had bricks for stone, putting them together with sticky earth. And they said, Come, let us make a town, and a tower whose top will go up as high as heaven; and let us make a great name for ourselves, so that we may not be wanderers over the face of the earth. And the Lord came down to see the town and the tower which the children of men were building. And the Lord said, See, they are all one people and have all one language; and this is only the start of what they may do: and now it will not be possible to keep them from any purpose of theirs. Come, let us go down and take away the sense of their language, so that they will not be able to make themselves clear to one another. So the Lord God sent them away into every part of the earth: and they gave up building their town. So it was named Babel, because there the Lord took away the sense of all languages and from there the Lord sent them away over all the face of the earth.
1. Bhé én ghír na cun mhóca me tol ír cu bhocá. 2. On bhé té bhoc anan dó ló, bhé bhoc me palir ír cu Chinar cór ló, bhé thé íc ce ló. 3. On bhé ghír me ló cór ló; “Bhoc. On tel dén tolic me dí, bér fhér ló me dí.” An bhé pilán pon tolic ce ló. 4. On bhé ghír ítá me ló; “Bhoc. Tel dhén labhen me dí. Tel dén malun ét ífan ced me ít ba níl me dí. In tel dhén én fhémoc pon dí, lé thé tol íra ba dem alona me ló.” 5. On bhoc lór me Úlan pon cím labhen na malun ét té dhén me Adem ba ína. 6. On bhé ghír ítá me Úlan, “Cím. On té én ghél me ló, bhé én ghír cór ló, té ét lé dhír ditol bhoc én chon ít me ló. En én cíder tel ghar ló dó ló ba med. 7. Bhoc. Lé lór me dí. In chuc ló ba gír chím me dí, tel dén chím del ló me ló.” 8. In bhé lúr ló me Úlan cór tol ír, tel dén labhen me ló." 9. On bhé chuc ló ba gír chím me Úlan, bhé dén lé ló me Úlan cór lúr tol ír , bhé fémoc Babel cór labhen ít.
Interlinear: Not added