Charlchrist Spoken Launguage

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Internal name:Cherilchrist Spnouskun Lengouegu
Former names: Charlchrist Langue parlée , 查尔斯基督讲话的语言, Charlcristo Lengua hablada
Author(s):Charlie Gilchrist
Background:Cherilchrist Spnouskun Lengouegu originated in Charlchrist Kingdom a group of unkown Islands.Cherilchrist Spnouskun Lengouegu is made up of 33 vowels & 26 consonants. It is spoken by 85% of the islands the other 15% speaking english, & is sturctured so tha
Greeting:Hullnous- Hello. or .Gnousnous deye-Good day
Vocabulary size:600000
From earth:unknown
Averageness:0/100, 0 of 0
Number of features:0
Editable by all:no
Added by:Cherliu Gilchrist 2
Managed by:Cherliu Gilchrist 2
Added:2010-07-06 22:55
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  1. On July 6, 2010, 11:30 p.m., Cherliu Gilchrist wrote:
    Gnousnousd Efturnnousnousn Uvrynousnu hnouspu ynousou like umye lengouegu frnousum Cherliu