Features for SAE

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Voicing in Plosives and Fricatives WALS In both plosives and fricatives
Voicing and Gaps in Plosive Systems WALS None missing in /p t k b d g/
Glottalized Consonants WALS No glottalized consonants
Lateral Consonants WALS /l/, no obstruent laterals
The Velar Nasal WALS No initial velar nasal
Syllable Structure WALS Complex
Absence of Common Consonants WALS All present
Presence of Uncommon Consonants WALS 'Th' sounds


Prefixing vs. Suffixing in Inflectional Morphology WALS Weakly suffixing
Reduplication WALS No productive reduplication

Verbal Categories

The Perfect WALS Other perfect

Word Order

Order of Relative Clause and Noun WALS Relative clause-Noun

Simple Clauses

Verbal Person Marking WALS Only the A argument
Passive Constructions WALS Present
Polar Questions WALS Interrogative word order
Comparative Constructions WALS Particle


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