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Internal name:Zjeljeza, Hzayskje
Former names:Zereskaoate, Zjeljesatje
Author(s):Brian L. Conover Jr.
Background:Old Zelsen was spoken by the natives of the Zelsen archipelago before the 5th century (Eastern Calendar). The language changed radically during the colonial period, as the archipelago came under the control of the Bagamazh' Empire. The language continue
Greeting:Nosta, $-ki
Vocabulary size:NA
From earth:no
Averageness:47/100, 18 of 38
Number of features:38
Tags:hzayskje, zjeljesatje, zelse, hzay, bakaz, zelsen, zjeljeza
Editable by all:no
Added by:Brian Conover 4
Managed by:Brian Conover 4
Added:2008-06-17 17:31
Last change:2012-03-06 23:33


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