Privacy statement

This site strives to need as little personal information as possible. The best privacy comes through not asking at all for some types of information, or collecting it in such a way that it is not linked with a person.

This is why you need not use your legal name, a pseudonym is fine. Further, since there is a separation between usernames (to log in with), and display names (to be shown to others), you are able to pick something easy to type for a username, if you want to. If you use an email address for a username we recommend that you also set a display name as usernames are not obfuscated in any way.

Email-addresses and secrets are used to reset passwords, they'll never be shown to anyone else. In addition, if there is trouble with your account, a human might use your stored email address to get in touch in order to fix the problem. Example: duplicate accounts. It's perfectly possible to not have an email-address stored here at all, but that'll make fixing trouble with your account hard to impossible to do since there's no other good way of reaching you.

Added languages and the other data in your profile are visible to all, logged in or not.

This site is not in any way a business, it's a hobby, an itch getting scratched. Your information will not be sold or anything evil like that. One of the reasons that this site does not ask for much information is to keep the value of information of the complete database low, so that there is no point in selling or otherwise stealing it.