All your demands (82 translations)
English:All your demands will be met.
Tallfellow: Eralfweswir taro lem wan mon morten.
Berlitzism (99 translations)
English:Is it a pencil? No, it is a window.
Tallfellow: So gur umbur musul? Wur, gur umbur bronang.
Bottle-washing (83 translations)
English:Don't wash the bottle in the dishwasher
Tallfellow: Ho mubam mubandlil elwemil babin wur
Cogito ergo sum (186 translations)
English:I think, therefore I am
Tallfellow: Pin de mondel gwéro, pin de wiri
Colorless green dreams (75 translations)
English:Colorless green dreams sleep furiously.
Elko: . annia niawa ipaso ture ho'i .
Colorless green ideas (56 translations)
English:Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.
Elko: . annia niawa utego ture norik .
Farewell (171 translations)
English:bye $
Elko: . bei !
Fiat Lingua! (72 translations)
English:fiat lingua!
Tallfellow: Ho wiri mamb!
Fight linguistic extinction! (94 translations)
English:Fight linguistic extinction. Invent a language!
Elko: . reso be koutena tido . dedi kowon !!
From the Egyptian Book of the Dead (41 translations)
English:I am yesterday, today and tomorrow, and I have the power to be born a second time. I am the divine hidden soul who created the Gods and gives sepulchral meals to the denizens of the deep, the place of the dead, and heaven... Hail, lord of the shrine that stands in the centre of the earth. He is I and I am he!
Tallfellow: Pin umbur bendwim, weler ir libwem ir, pin brawo norasin imo mon mabre lohar. Pin umbur wonde wubal gasi nu dopa Erondala ir nolo emomre melronil samwilbwa gromb ronri, holumb egorali ir, merirosumb... Er daganemb snoglolil nu umbur mib dombelosil. Sal umbur pin ir pin umbur sal!
Grandfather and the Dragon (23 translations)
English:When my great-great-grandfather was a young man, he travelled out into the world. First he went west; there was only sand there. Then he went north; there was only snow there. Then he went east; there the mountains were too high and great-great-grandfather couldn't climb them. At last he decided to travel south, on foot, on horseback, by cart and by boat. In the south he saw the largest city in all the world.
Elko: . lu oburo ra oduno , go utrėdi teloek . kete , go zeraki : nuwe kono man . wude , go deraki : nuwe kino man . wude seraki : itepo jikira tu oburo ne kau kiri iho . su ; go pėrau dekaki , sabe, pege, wake tu nede . dekoe , go bau lama hiira teho nanteloek .
Greeting (600 translations)
English:hello $
Cylvian: Yuuxii bom aaym
Happy birthday (71 translations)
English:Happy birthday!
Elko: . ketei lin !
I can eat glass (125 translations)
English:I can eat glass, it does not hurt me.
Ghudaz: Ufs njogõry uvsyjef, ufe rõkladyfekh.
In Flanders fields (9 translations)
English:In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields.
Elko: . lodloro rili Falanra idemoe gu ilaro , moro tu moro , ko tuki hupo ran ; tu ranoe idolzelo , nande tu tėre gėli , zali , tade goza meke deka kanniro . . iro idano . weda gauta idago iro bau dėni , sawa debbo , lama delia solo , basa tu bau basa , tu wode iro sudi Falanra idemoek . . iro keti reso ra te niaso : . iro gėri kandulo te tuara igibo ; . iro dau kirgibi ho . . ru ilo tėdi sido te iro dania . . iro ne nori , bu ilodloro wani Falanra idemoek .
Look on my works, ye Mighty (7 translations)
English:Ozymandias Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command Tell that its sculptor well those passions read Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things, The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed. And on the pedestal these words appear: “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!” Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away.
Eneqa: (Under construction!) Ojïnãnbïãs! Qosïmau-brãskurõr saud, si-esev mïjur qokãlïemõ tïsun sodad.
On knowing and not knowing (27 translations)
English:He who knows not and knows not he knows not He is a fool. Shun him. He who knows not and knows he knows not He is a student. Teach him. He who knows and knows not he knows He is asleep. Wake him. He who knows and knows he knows He is wise. Follow him.
Tallfellow: Hobind u umbel wur ir umbel wur sal umbel wur Sal umbur furd. Ho osmirmbe sal. Hobind u umbel wur ir umbel sal umbel wur Sal umbur brombwadil. Ho fandar sal. Hobind u umbel ir umbel wur sal umbel Sal de suti. Ho alfowamb sal. Hobind u umbel ir umbel sal umbel Sal umbur bomb. Ho widofo sal.
On Tradition (18 translations)
English:Tradition is the old corrupting the young to please the dead.
Elko: . pėlo sau idino nubi iduno u tasi idano .
Pity (32 translations)
English:Let him be pitied, who thinks there is only one way to make a language.
Elko: . lu go kėnai , hu go regau ma ubego u kouketin .
Proletariat of the world (66 translations)
English:Proletariat of the world, unite!
Elko: . pendaro teloa , lau dawi !
The Rain Song (18 translations)
English:The Rain Song It is raining in the night in the desert It is raining My soul is peaceful. The raindrops are falling in the daytime on the leaves The raindrops are falling My heart lifts. The time of rain has come For a time in the mountains The time of rain has come My soul rejoices.
Tallfellow: Sefrond Hamblil Ha de wirto flirbresumb bendirumb Ha de wirto Wonde bli sram. Hambil de deli fero erelmro momolumb Hambil de deli Wawind bli ronir. Ing hamblil rum hengi gum Ri de mawu werngendalumb Ing hamblil rum hengi gum Wonde bli maswo.
The Tower of Babel (32 translations)
English:And all the earth had one language and one tongue. And it came about that in their wandering from the east, they came to a stretch of flat country in the land of Shinar, and there they made their living-place. And they said one to another, Come, let us make bricks, burning them well. And they had bricks for stone, putting them together with sticky earth. And they said, Come, let us make a town, and a tower whose top will go up as high as heaven; and let us make a great name for ourselves, so that we may not be wanderers over the face of the earth. And the Lord came down to see the town and the tower which the children of men were building. And the Lord said, See, they are all one people and have all one language; and this is only the start of what they may do: and now it will not be possible to keep them from any purpose of theirs. Come, let us go down and take away the sense of their language, so that they will not be able to make themselves clear to one another. So the Lord God sent them away into every part of the earth: and they gave up building their town. So it was named Babel, because there the Lord took away the sense of all languages and from there the Lord sent them away over all the face of the earth.
Tallfellow: Ingumumb dombelos engombon rum brawo mamb liba ir ewarni namban. Ri ehobind rum lendi lewáro, els rum bro mafro gengirumb Sránaril ir rum wirunge holumumb. Els taro rum ma ehenguló, "Ar ho dopa erugrel ir wiglors eng engombe." Els rum brawo erugrel imo sarm ir engegwo imo orngeng. Els rum ma bwerahar, "Ar ho dopa glib ir sisos nu harumb umbur ba gul imo erimbor ir, ar ho mombiln wemofó dombelosil mo ar wan mon wilmunge ferb dombelosil holtro." Daganemb rum hengi balo imo bomba glib ir sisos nu ewumbunder de rum dopa. Daganemb rum ma, "Ho bomba, els umbur hobitar liba ir, els taro brawo mamb liba ir, els rum woma gum selohar im nar holerumb. Wonul nu els soblu im nar wan umbur wolehar sle gum. Pin ho fangi goró ir bilpom mamb sle holerumb imo els taro wan bomba ewarni ehenglul wur." Gweró Daganemb rum wilmunge els holúmo fero dombelosil holtro ir, els rum rel im dopa glib. Gwéro warel gul rum mombiln Babeló, alpar holumumb, Daganemb rum bilpom mamb dombelosil engombonil ir, rum wilmunge els holúmo fero dombelosil holtro.
Twisty little passages (11 translations)
English:You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.
Tallfellow: Emb umbur gelndrorumb ebroneberemri mombilpomil, etaro namban.
Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (46 translations)
English:All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
Tallfellow: Ehobind taro mon mabre ri woher ir namban epwanri ir ebrendlil. Els mon nolo boblur ir ermrend ir bren nar wondle merilil hobindó taroró.
Wanting to give money (22 translations)
English:Why did you want to give the man money in the city yesterday?
Tallfellow: Swalfir emb rum roblis im nolo hendla tori glibumb bendwimumb?
We are humans (107 translations)
English:We are humans and we are from Earth.
Tallfellow: Ar umbur ewumbund ir ar umbur Érso.
Yellow Brick Road (14 translations)
English:Excuse me, where's the Yellow Brick Road?
Tallfellow: So wan orno, swol umbur Eber Eruglel Satelil?
You keep using that word... (38 translations)
English:You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
Tallfellow: Emb de brawo warniwer gwere. Pin mondel gur endorbro wur nu emb mondel gur endorbro.
Genesis 11:1 (43 translations)
English:1. And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.
Tallfellow: 1. Ingumumb dombelos engombon rum brawo mamb liba ir ewarni namban.
Genesis 11:2 (21 translations)
English:2. And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.
Tallfellow: 2. Ri ehobind rum lendi lewáro, els rum bro mafro gengirumb Sránaril ir rum wirunge holumumb.
Genesis 11:3 (14 translations)
English:3. And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them throughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter.
Tallfellow: 3. Els taro rum ma ehenguló, "Ar ho dopa erugrel ir wiglors eng engombe." Els rum brawo erugrel imo sarm ir engegwo imo orngeng.
Genesis 11:4 (13 translations)
English:4. And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.
Tallfellow: 4. Els rum ma bwerahar, Ar ho dopa glib ir sisos nu harumb umbur ba gul imo erimbor ir, ar ho mombiln wemofó dombelosil mo ar wan mon wilmunge ferb dombelosil holtro.
Genesis 11:5 (13 translations)
English:5. And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.
Tallfellow: 5. DAGANEMB rum hengi balo imo bomba glib ir sisos nu ewumbunder rum dopa.
Genesis 11:6 (11 translations)
English:6. And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.
Tallfellow: 6. DAGANEMB rum ma, Ho bomba, els umbur hobitar liba ir, els taro brawo mamb liba ir, els rum woma gum selohar im nar holerumb. Wonul nu els soblu im nar wan umbur wolehar sle gum.
Genesis 11:7 (11 translations)
English:7. Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.
Tallfellow: 7. Ar ho fangi goró ir bilpom mamb sle holumumb imo els taro wan bomba ewarni ehenglul wur.
Genesis 11:8 (10 translations)
English:8. So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.
Tallfellow: 8. Gweró DAGANEMB rum wilmunge els holúmo fero dombelosil holtro ir, els rum rel im dopa glib.
Genesis 11:9 (10 translations)
English:9. Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.
Tallfellow: 9. Gwéro warel gul rum mombiln Babeló; alpar holumumb, DAGANEMB rum bilpom mamb dombelosil engombonil ir, DAGANEMB rum wilmunge els holúmo fero dombelosil holtro.
CIV IV: Order 0 (45 translations)
English:As you wish.
Tallfellow: Li emb roblis.
CIV IV: Order 1 (39 translations)
English:Move out!
Tallfellow: Ho woma!
CIV IV: Order 2 (47 translations)
Tallfellow: Dermetar.
CIV IV: Order 3 (33 translations)
English:We're on it.
Tallfellow: Ar wan nar gum.
CIV IV: Order 4 (34 translations)
English:No problem.
Tallfellow: Wondéro.
CIV IV: Order 5 (27 translations)
English:Consider it done.
Tallfellow: Gur mon nar gwere molmbatar.
CIV IV: Order 6 (43 translations)
English:Very well.
Tallfellow: Rom, rom.
CIV IV: Order 7 (33 translations)
English:On our way.
Tallfellow: Ar de fangi.
CIV IV: Order 8 (31 translations)
English:Let's get moving.
Tallfellow: Ar ho fangi gum.
CIV IV: Order 9 (27 translations)
English:You can count on us.
Tallfellow: Emb widofo ar le.
CIV IV: Select 0 (23 translations)
English:Reporting for duty.
Tallfellow: De ranar imo losnin la.
CIV IV: Select 1 (29 translations)
English:At your service.
Tallfellow: Pin umbur dilund lem.
CIV IV: Select 2 (38 translations)
English:Tell me what to do.
Tallfellow: Ho ma swar im nar pinó.
CIV IV: Select 3 (23 translations)
English:Awaiting your orders.
Tallfellow: De monge bilforó lemó.
CIV IV: Select 4 (26 translations)
English:Ready for action.
Tallfellow: Wirmi im woma.
CIV IV: Select 5 (33 translations)
English:What's the plan?
Tallfellow: Swar umbur momema?
CIV IV: Select 6 (64 translations)
Tallfellow: Hu?
CIV IV: Select 7 (27 translations)
English:Your orders?
Tallfellow: Bilfor lem?
CIV IV: Select 8 (50 translations)
English:What do you need?
Tallfellow: Swar umbur gapwor?
CIV IV: Select 9 (19 translations)
English:All present and accounted for.
Esperanto: Ĉiuj ĉeestaj kaj kalkulitaj.
Travelphrases 1 (62 translations)
English:Where is my room?
Tallfellow: Swol umbur olimb bli?
Travelphrases 2 (53 translations)
English:Where is the beach?
Tallfellow: Swol umbur sango? Swol umbur robamb?
Travelphrases 3 (48 translations)
English:Where is the bar?
Tallfellow: Swol umbur bangebil? Swol umbur banar?
Travelphrases 4 (51 translations)
English:Don't touch me there!
Tallfellow: Ho monon pin gwehar wur!
#1: Starlings' song (9 translations)
English:The song of the starlings speaks of heroic deeds In the morning rain the heron does its laundry In the night the lark worships the stars Who sees the true nature of birds?
Tallfellow: Sefrond emaslong swimbe enawir frono Lewarumb hambilumb randundin mubam enerme Bendirumb borng losner erelen Swend bomba ersleni dermend frumblund?
#10: Olympic Relay (9 translations)
English:Beware of the baby! O dear, what's happened? Yesterday, a pretty young girl came to our home to watch over the baby. She did what she could to entertain the child: she played with it, sung songs for it, etc. But nevertheless, the baby attacked her, tore her into pieces, devoured her, and it threw the rest out the window. What to do, what to do? I really don't know. And so, for the time being, we keep the affair silent, in order to prevent the police from starting to ask annoying questions.
Tallfellow: Ho ismendo emundumb! Sildohar, swar rum wiri gum? Bendwimumb, roser rasir rum hengi baginó laró imo bombwes emund. Sal rum alfrofi emund lulibwemetar, sal rum durndi salumb, rum sefro esefrond saló ir eng fangore. Gropar, emund rum tabi sal, rum wigis sal, rum ramunge sal ir, sal sarmbe omahar oló bronrang. Swar ar bren nar, swar ar bren nar? Pin umbel wur dermetar. Gwéro wilmamó, ar wan ma guler swobindó imo flembi eragordil wan robro erobwir ongembumi gum.
#13: The Missed Bus Relay (4 translations)
English:One morning in December I could watch the following scene across the street from a bus stop: A boy, obviously on his way to school, stood in front of a garden wall. He had an enormous red tomcat on his shoulder and this animal balanced skilfully while the boy tried hard to shake him off. With increasing panic he watched the bus stop knowing the bus would be due any second now... The cat was quite undisturbed. Once, he put a paw on the wall, but seemingly it felt too cold, so he quickly retreated to the boy's backpack. The moment when he was comfortably sitting, having tucked up his legs, the school bus arrived. I suppose the cat spent quite an interesting day.
Tallfellow: Lewawerumb Sambrowirumb, pin rum bomba wirimer flembimumb srid ir bagilos: Pibin, ri de fangi swibidinó brawora, de rum or wemb anglur fumrin. Bilbarumb sulng rum umbur blawi dewumb dadris ir ri pibin de rawas sal fel imblor ebrupar, bobund de rum ormi emihar. Pibin rum malur bagiros ri de flimbor im sildomo, alpar sal rum umbel iros wan hengi gum gelbohar... Blawi de rum or engombe. Lipar, sal monon lond angur pa, gur rum umbur himbri ombeg momalar gwéro, sal rum rando loturó piblin lohar tumbatar. Ri sal de rum ungro nodlihar gupar, erund sul gromb ehortomb, iros swibidinó rum hengi ingumumb. Blawi rum delmbomo wel gelbohar.
#14: Wedding (4 translations)
English:PORTIONS OF THE MARRIAGE CEREMONY (PART 1) [Now the priest will give a golden chain that he has just blessed, to one of the candidates, and the candidate will place it on the neck of the other candidate, and recite after the priest:] I [name] bind myself to you [name] from this day forward, whether in times of happiness or sadness, whether in days (full) of sun or rain, in good health or bad, wealth or poverty, and we will set forth on the course of our new life, always bound and united in soul and body. Thus I pledge to you my love and honor forever. [And the other candidate will do and recite the same] (PART 2) [Now the priest will say:] Let us pray to/call upon/ the Spirits [And everyone in attendance will say or sing:] Father Sun, shine upon their life, Sky, be always clear, Earth and Rain, help them to grow, Sister Vuruna, illuminate their nights, Brother Lalap, let your behavior toward them be good, Mother Sea, be calm when they sail on your surface, Wind, inflate their sail(s) and cool their faces, Forest, give them shade and shelter, Rock Spirits, do not obstruct their path, Little (golden) chains made of love, bind them, All you Spirits and Cousins too, guide and bless them when they set forth on their course with faith and love. May it be so, verily, may it be so forever.
Svørgska: Purtionna av Helgatidskallan (Pjart 1) [Ny Præstan vill gear än gyllen ðaan det han har just gàbløsst, till oss av Kandydatanna, okh Kandydatan vill plakar det på Nøkkan av Naran kandydat, okh säjar nagh Præstan:] Jag, {namn}, byndar æ til dig, {namn}, från tås dag, huruvida i tidna av gladanøss eller salnøss, huruvida i dagna av söl eller raan, i bra hälz eller mal, välz eller puvørtaj, okh våra vill begynar på Körsan av våri ny liv, alltid böndt okh inytt i söl okh kropp. Su Jag plødgar till dig min älsk okh hunur förlara. [Okh Naran kandydat vill fart okh säjar Saman] (Pjart 2) [Ny Præastan vill sandar] Dar vi betar till Spyrytanna [Okh alla det är prøsønt vill sandar eller sängar;] Far Söl,
#15: The Dancing Out Of Time Relay (5 translations)
English:A Riddle See them dance. The have no leader. They have no music but their own voices, nor have they studied any choreography. Each goes where he will. But their dance is the most graceful, the most harmonious of all dances. There are no dancers more lithe than they are. They turn and weave so that they seem to have a single mind. This seems the least difficult work for them. Do any dancers make greater beauty with less effort? But they take not a single step.
Mirexu: ifwefu n eatarbepukopu lupsia ajaelup ifwefu tidu nultitei kjeluapasep, tidu nisozhutei luapasep. pulkoa attijukwiv. ti jedeweso isewedu luapasep. ti apukop. pukowetei kjemni jutjurausapu kujufemerusap. kwipwena kjeataduirupse ti vapasesep. ti siwedu lutepu reapasep. tigi kjeankehisepi tia anatjurausadep. pulok femeruresapu kjedarauresapu tameluskisuresapu aletamlusap.
#16: the Ithkuil Relay (7 translations)
English:Those who try to limit basic standards of moral conduct to religious observances and theologies are fighting a losing battle. The human spirit is too needy and too vigorous to be kept in shackles.
Esperanto: Kiuj klopodas limigi la bazajn normojn de morala konduto al religiaj observoj kaj teologioj vante batalas. La homa spirito estas tro senhava kaj tro forta por resti katenita.
#5: From the book of chaos (3 translations)
English:Recite the book of the primal chaos: The essence of the sea of chaos is contending things, so that they remain still, and do not move. When a magician dips from this sea, the chaos begins to move very much. Beautiful chaos! Thou art full of endless bits of information; thou art the world.
Mîrkšam: Uroojśorf tfeizetik fehaûmû urf. Mûûj aja gramwimi fehaûmû pzîîk shîtâphok sja meśimim aš meśikzihej ûrt. Mimjahej gât kîtê sja etukut îz gramwimek hnu pfizjaij ûrt fehaûn. Fehaûnô shitajma! Ušâp śêtâuk kzushutuń. Ûûj sfapapziik.
#6 (6 translations)
English:Concerning the Stars. There are four types of stars. The name of the first is walking stars, because they wander the night sky. The name of the second is stationary stars. They are distant suns. The name of the third is dying, or falling, stars. They are rocks that fall from the night sky. The name of the fourth is foreign stars. They are the stars that appear for a short time in the night sky. They are suns of worlds whom Goddess destroyed in her wrath.
Hebrew (Modern): אודות הכוכבים. ישנם ארבעה סוגים של כוכבים. הראשון מכונה הכוכבים ההולכים, כי הם נודדים בשמי הלילה. השני מוכנה הכוכבים הנייחים. הם הינם שמשות רחקות. השלישי מוכנה הכוכבים הגוועים, או הנופלים. הם הינם אבנים הנופלים משמי הלילה. הרביעי מוכנה הכוכבים הזרים. הם כוכבים המופיעים לרגע בשמי הלילה. אלו הינם שמשותיהם של עולמים אותם השמידה האלה בחמתה.
#7 (3 translations)
English:A physician is walking on the road and sees a woman, barely conscious and with her legs cut off, lying in a ditch. He approaches, hoping to help her, saying, “Don’t fear! I’ll make sure that you receive help.” The woman looks at him and said, “My husband truly needs your help.” The physician asks, “Why? Where is he?” She answers, “He’s at home, raising our three adolescent daughters.”
Toma Heylm: Davot dava dimityok ret syin yupeltem, lir tisanyik anyayu saplelis, polyelis, sof syin yupeltem. Syim ey lin yudod, lir lhom simil ey kakeli. Syin davot, sil dava misyok leftet, tisyok yuhesem. Sem tomyok tise "Lo delye mi kakrot lek! Eff delye kardyik sanya leftet myol!" Syin anya ekaril astye, lir tomil "Kitya, rhaym efim dava sokryot tamyev, sil lo delye leftyok astye." Syin davot sipelyok, "Sodra delye kre? Sem ey laya?" Syim kasot tise "Sem ey tyem sodra uyilame, lir dava tremilyok dolv salimeyu efim."
#8 (3 translations)
English:A wicked man lived near a monastery. He believed [unfoundedly] that the monks had great treasure, and covetted it. The wicked man became a policeman. One day, he accosted a monk who was returning to the monastery. "Give me your key," he said. "I want to search the monastery for any criminals who may be hiding there." The monk said, "I have no key." The wicked policeman flew into a rage [lit. hurled himself into a rage], but the monk went into the monastery through the open door.
Dacayan: Ivlys máñi manzdrjelo libam. Hi bajljim [áfundym] mongki gradys träzhrol avam, et dol koftam. Ivlys máñi politzymáñosa. A'dago, hi mongkol veri manzdrje báxö akszjam. "Kjol gebejó!" zagam hi. "Mi manzdrjol krimnjorol verol jero hidjam saczczamin." Mongki zagam, "Kjol áñ." Ivlys politzymáñi hoj ravzhine orlim, nejý mongki manzdrje abröl törejo kajam.
#9: Borromean Relay (8 translations)
English:Winter is the wolf that takes the old, the sick, and the very young Winter is the hard rock on which nothing grows Winter is the cruel beak and the sharp talon And so we beg you, bounding boy of spring, dance over the earth So that the sun your mother will look down upon us And flowers will spring from your footsteps.
Himmaswa: Leuokmuan aajung machloum nung mpua keuu nung garbjooh ley plarfnau ley chuinbjooh ing. Leuokmuan aajung pau goat nung kmey huoo twarng dong gna lobnih. Leukmuan aajung jroan jeut nek gur nui. Tek hwai beym paaksah flet haip ler dinmuan nung leutkeuong duool yau loy karnday Nteyplar liam aajung boh ler duool tui toy de nlooayk hwai beym tek tonuyn sgeang geltuin.
LCC2 live relay (17 translations)
English:"The Talking Rock" Yesterday I was walking along the beach when I tripped over a rock that could talk. I picked up the talking rock and said, "Hey! Are you a talking rock?" The talking rock said, "Yes, I am a talking rock." I asked the talking rock, "Why didn't you tell me to avoid you?" The talking rock replied, "Because I'm a mean talking rock." The talking rock's words made me angry, so I threw it into the ocean. I never saw the talking rock again.
Tallfellow: "Sarm Warni" Ri pin de rum sombi sangorumb bendwimumb, pin rum durfu iro sarm u brawo warni le. Pin rum bilu sarm warni ir rum ma, "Ra! So emb umbur sarm warni?" Sarm warni rum ma, "Glan, pin umbur sarm warni." Pin rum robro sarm warni, "Swalfir emb rum ma pinó wur pin bren flembi emb?" Sarm warni rum rama, "Alpar pin umbur sarm warni belgo." Ramawir slarm warnilil rum bilfen pin rariró, gwéro, pin rum sarmbe gur resenó. Pin rum remendi sarm warni lawu wore.
LCC3 live relay (11 translations)
English:Standing on the island's shore, Drifting off to sea. I wish that I could be, Drifting off to sea. All of my hopes and dreams, Drifting off to sea. I watch my lover's boat, Drifting off to sea.
Tallfellow: De or robambumb ronilesil, De wiho resenó. Pin roblis im mwir belsar le, De wiho resenó. Etaro nu alfrofi pin, De wiho resenó. Pin malur erndlis snaromblind, De wiho resenó.
LCC4 live relay (5 translations)
English: "The Disrespectful Goat" A beautiful woman was riding across a bridge when she was stopped by a goat. "O beautiful woman!" said the goat. "You please me. I wish to marry you." The woman laughed. "Why would you want to marry me? You don't even know my name." "Your name?" asked the goat. "I didn't ask about your name: I asked you to marry me. What is your answer?" "This is my answer," said the woman who sliced the goat's head off with her arakh. The goat's head, lying on the bank, then said, " that a yes?"
Tallfellow: "Gidawer Raso" Ri barsun rombra de rum ungro flembimó wirndlin, sal rum mon fangeri iro gida. Gida rum ma, "Er barsun rombra! Pin nopa emb. Pin roblis im dasfeg emb." Barsun rum engi. "Swalfir emb roblis im dasfeg pin? Emb umbel warel bli wur gwere." Gida rum rama, "Warel lem? Pin rum robro walel lemil wur. Pin rum robro imo emb wan dasfeg pin. Swar umbur alfir lem?" Barsun rum ma "Alfir bli bomó," ir sal rum fwati arágil ubelmb gidla guró. Ubelmb gidla robambumb rum ma gwéro, "Pin bomba... so gurer umbur glan?"
Yesterday's boys (72 translations)
English:The boys whom I saw yesterday were Karl and Jake
Tallfellow: Epibin u pin rum bomba bendwimumb umbur Gárl ir Dríg.
Happy New Year! (60 translations)
English:Happy New Year!
Tallfellow: Wamblahend Rondle!
Merry Christmas! (62 translations)
English:Merry Christmas!
Tallfellow: Grísmas Rondle!
Being specific: nouns (15 translations)
English:my friends my best friends one of my best friends 3 of my best friends some of my best friends most of my best friends all of my best friends a funny man a very funny man the funniest man of all 3 shirts 3 clean shirts the cleanest 3 shirts the newest 2 of the clean shirts the newest 2 of the 3 clean shirts the first question the first 3 questions the third question the last of the questions
Tallfellow: emeri bli emepo bli hobind emepóro blíro erend emepóro blíro libwar emepóro blíro flimborim emepóro blíro emepo bli taro tori sipur tori sipur wumbohar tori sipur flimbor etaro ebanur erend ebanur boflembi erend erend boflembi flimbor ebanur hengul wera browi flimbor ebanúro boflembíro wera browi flimbor ebanúro boflembíro eréndo robwir liba erobwir erend mabrem robwir erend robwir rawo
Emma (32 translations)
Tallfellow: Éma
Jacob (38 translations)
Tallfellow: Drígob
James (30 translations)
Tallfellow: Drírms
Leon (29 translations)
Tallfellow: Lirón
Mary (38 translations)
Tallfellow: Méri
Mia (22 translations)
Tallfellow: Míra
Oliver (31 translations)
Tallfellow: Álimbur
Olivia (28 translations)
Tallfellow: Olímbira
1HGT: #1 (103 translations)
English:The apple is red.
Hungarian: Az alma piros.
1HGT: #2 (101 translations)
English:It is John’s apple.
Hungarian: Ez János almája.
1HGT: #3 (98 translations)
English:I give John the apple.
Infernal: Fùéryó âqalhôchôg Jonòrgrôn.
1HGT: #4 (92 translations)
English:We give him the apple.
Infernal: Fùértô âqalhôchôg ázelheqh. (exclusive we) Fùéryô âqalhôchôg ázelheqh. (inclusive we) (there are actually 36 forms of this sentence, two for each of the 18 genders the pronoun could have; this assumes "he" is a devil)
1HGT: #5 (89 translations)
English:He gives it to John.
Infernal: Fùérèl Jonòrgrôn. ("he" is lawful) Fùérôs Jonòrgrôn. ("he" is neutral) Fùérkô Jonòrgrôn. ("he" is chaotic)
1HGT: #6 (87 translations)
English:She gives it to him.
Infernal: Fùérèl ázelheqh. (There are at least 54 possible forms of this sentence, as 3 genders are marked on the verb and 18 on the pronoun.)
1HGT: future (73 translations)
English:She will give it to him.
Infernal: Fùérèl ázelheqh. (There are at least 54 possible forms of this sentence, as 3 genders are marked on the verb and 18 on the pronoun.)
1HGT: must (72 translations)
English:I must give it to him.
Infernal: Azòchó fùér ázelheqh.
1HGT: neative #1 (83 translations)
English:The apple is not red.
Infernal: Qhâzôs qaghéz âqalhôk.
1HGT: negative #3 (87 translations)
English:I don't give John the apple.
Infernal: Azyó fùér âqalhôchôg Jonòrgrôn.
1HGT: past (80 translations)
English:He has given it to John.
Infernal: Tàafùérèl Jonòrgrôn. ("he" is lawful) Tàafùérôs Jonòrgrôn. ("he" is neutral) Tàafùérkô Jonòrgrôn. ("he" is chaotic)
1HGT: want (85 translations)
English:I want to give it to her.
Infernal: Ôjyó fùér ázelheqh.
CotW Intro (5 translations)
English:On this page you can find Challenge of the Week (CotW), a project by #conlang. Each week, a challenge is posted by members of the channel, and all members can translate the text into their conlang(s). If you want, we can upload your translation, too. Just join #conlang and give us the text/link.
Tallfellow: Gemiwerumb emb bro Nusogrib Somblof (CotW), losnin iro #conlang. Sombofumb tarorung, eroraf rimbler wigro nusogrib ir, oraf taro hengwem ewarni (e)mambó mondoparó suló le. Li emb roblis, ar trobro hengwemwir lem lawu le. Im hengro #conlang ir im nolo ewarnri mo ewugarslir ar umbur gapwor selohar.
My hovercraft is full of eels (23 translations)
English:My hovercraft is full of eels.
Tallfellow: Irosumb wihomung bling umbur efango holtro.
Scripts (3 translations)
English:Hello #conlang, this is my careful writing and this is my scribble note taking script.
Spanish: Hola #conlang, esta es mi letra cuidadosa y esta es mi letra rápida para anotar cosas.
Smile (23 translations)
English:A voice said to me: "Smile and be happy! Things could be worse!" So I smiled And was happy. And things got worse.
Tallfellow: Etor rum ma pinó: "Ho mamblo ir mombiln rofiró! Mome de flimbor nuró mombiln srasar." Gwéro, pin rum mamblo ir Rum umbur rofi ir, Mome rum eprif.
Story About the Farmer whose Horse Ran Away (4 translations)
English:Once there was a farmer whose horse ran away. His neighbor came over to tell him he felt sorry for him, only to be told in return: "Who knows what is good or bad?" It was true. The next day the horse returned, bringing with it eleven wild horses it had met during its adventurous escape. The neighbor came over again, this time to congratulate the farmer on his good fortune. Only to be told once again "Who knows what is good or bad? True this time too; the next day the farmer's son tried to tame one of the wild horses and fell off, breaking his leg. His neighbor came back again one more time to express how bad he felt But for the third time all the farmer had to say was: "Who knows what is good or bad?" And once again the farmer was correct, for this time, the king of that land had started a war and the following day soldiers came by to draft young men into the army, but because of his injury the son was not taken.
Temarp: Kixba sagi xagotumep en puko lumolbup ok tosus. xakuu tam lisunrub tam xatesobi pam suko siig kuxi, daw xakuu n buy sobi: mis ket'arin puxab bur wab arayp? ama tunkiisi.
The dog and the lamb among the goats (0 translations)
The rooster and the pearl (1 translation)
English: A young rooster was looking for food in the manure when he found a pearl. "What a fine thing you are," he exclaimed, "and in what an unfortunate situation! If a person longing to possess something of such value had found you, you would have been restored to your original splendour. Yet it is I who have found you, when I would have much preferred to find some food instead. So this isn't going to do you any good, and it doesn't do me any good either!"
Esperanto: Juna virkoko serĉis manĝon en la sterko kiam li trovis perlon. "Kia belaĵo vi estas," li ekkriis, "kaj en kia bedaŭrinda situacio! Se homo, kiu sopiras trovi ion tiom valoran, trovus vin, vi estus restaŭrita al via originala pompo. Sed estis mi, kiu trovis vin, kiam mi preferus trovi manĝaĵon anstataŭe. Do tio ne utilos por vi, kaj ĝi nek utilas por mi!"
The snake and the farmer (3 translations)
English:In the house of a certain farmer there lived a snake who regularly came to the table and was fed on scraps of food. Not long afterwards the farmer grew rich, but then he became angry at the snake and tried to attack him with an axe. The farmer then lost his wealth and he realized that he had prospered because of the good luck he had gained from the snake before having wounded him. The farmer then begged the snake to forgive him for his evil deed, and the snake replied, "You are sorry for what you have done, but you must not expect me to be your faithful friend until this scar heals. It is not possible for me to be truly reconciled to you until all thought of that treacherous axe has left my mind."
Tallfellow: Baginumb fumrinder rum samwi sehis nu de rum fangi nulbendó binga ir mon nolo omalar wemumil imo mawu. Moméro libwáro, fumind rum mombiln hendasriró pa, sal rum mondel rari iro sehis bwerahar ir tabi fwatwil sal ebrupar. Fumind rum fri henda gwéro ir sal brombwa omahem sul rum alpar sehis de rum nolo momre rondlelil sal ingó nung fumind ungise sal. Fumind rum breron sehis imo morten lobos sul ir, sehis rum rama, "Emb mondel sildo iro nawir lem pa, emb bren monge ingó nung ungi bli mombiln sonuló surngung emb wan wiri merileni pinumb lohar le. Ar wan morten dlegur la dermetar wurle surngung pin rel engombe im mosne fwatilum endermigo."