Existing translations to Denaden

Translation Original Denaden Interlinear? Translator
Don't wash the bottle in the dishwasher
Non törge flasches im laxtörgmeschienaem.
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Cogito ergo sum
I think, therefore I am
Kjogero aetzic ziema
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bye $
Unmar sprau, $.
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Fight linguistic extinction!
Fight linguistic extinction. Invent a language!
Adwerse extienxaem linguistitsen. Skauw une lingie!
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From the Egyptian Book of the Dead
I am yesterday, today and tomorrow, and I have the power to be born a second time. I am the divine hidden soul who created the Gods and gives sepulchral meals to the denizens of the deep, the place of the dead, and heaven... Hail, lord of the shrine that stands in the centre of the earth. He is I and I am he!
Ziema kjit wiet adga kjit west adga kjit aeret, aet habui lischem unu dempo sekundu nauskerien. Ziema almnieas wietzak aet aufskura kjis skauwiefiet dowonz aet donad feutes ricoz zchu bargomiu βeiwerum, fillaes kuda mördie propitzietur, adga Heiþaem... Schalu! domnulum chaβaem, iepse chaβas jetam kuda kintar centro Gröndu stabad. West ju os jet ziema ju os!
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hello $
Schalu $
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Happy birthday
Happy birthday!
Nateldei waellamna!
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Genesis 11:1
1. And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.
1. Wendempu, une lingie aet una flabuitum teilaja alzeis denadozum habuirud.
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CIV IV: Order 0
As you wish.
Wen lustöis.
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CIV IV: Order 1
Move out!
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CIV IV: Order 2
Sin alka duwium.
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CIV IV: Order 3
We're on it.
An habepum.
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CIV IV: Order 4
No problem.
Nula probluzum.
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CIV IV: Order 5
Consider it done.
An daoretum kjogere.
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CIV IV: Order 6
Very well.
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CIV IV: Order 7
On our way.
Aeremus giedumda.
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CIV IV: Order 8
Let's get moving.
Nos gandoþa.
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CIV IV: Order 9
You can count on us.
Wiemas gacheituiz.
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CIV IV: Select 0
Reporting for duty.
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CIV IV: Select 1
At your service.
Đuc staukiu.
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CIV IV: Select 2
Tell me what to do.
Mandei mic.
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CIV IV: Select 3
Awaiting your orders.
Te mandatams espektepom.
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CIV IV: Select 4
Ready for action.
Aleβor wiemas daoreto.
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CIV IV: Select 5
What's the plan?
Kjit west intentje?
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CIV IV: Select 6
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CIV IV: Select 7
Your orders?
Kjitas mandabar?
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CIV IV: Select 8
What do you need?
Kjitas kupiubas?
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CIV IV: Select 9
All present and accounted for.
Allei wiestunt har adga enuminestus.
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Travelphrases 1
Where is my room?
Kjup west me pentzceilles?
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Travelphrases 2
Where is the beach?
Kjup west lüduz?
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Travelphrases 3
Where is the bar?
Kjup west winceilles?
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Travelphrases 4
Don't touch me there!
Non kontaekte mic ilara!
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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Nuwannduþlium waellamna!
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Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Solbnachtem waellamna!
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