Existing translations to Eezee

Translation Original Eezee Interlinear? Translator
Don't wash the bottle in the dishwasher
Doon't wox tha botul in tha dixwaxer
No Anonymous
Cogito ergo sum
I think, therefore I am
Ii fhiqk, thairfor Ii am
No Anonymous
Colorless green dreams
Colorless green dreams sleep furiously.
Kulerles green dreemz sleep fyureeuslee.
No Anonymous
Colorless green ideas
Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.
Kulerles green iideeaz sleep fyureeuslee.
No Anonymous
bye $
bii $
No Anonymous
Fight linguistic extinction!
Fight linguistic extinction. Invent a language!
Fiit liqwistik ikstiqkxen. Invent a laqgwij!
No Anonymous
From the Egyptian Book of the Dead
I am yesterday, today and tomorrow, and I have the power to be born a second time. I am the divine hidden soul who created the Gods and gives sepulchral meals to the denizens of the deep, the place of the dead, and heaven... Hail, lord of the shrine that stands in the centre of the earth. He is I and I am he!
Ii am yesterdaa, tudaa and tumahroo, and Ii hav tha power tuu bee born a sekend tiim. Ii am tha diviin hiden sool huu kreeaatid tha Godz and givz sapulkrul meelz tuu tha denazinz uv tha deep, tha plaas uv tha ded, and heven... Haal, lord uv tha xriin that standz in tha senter uv tha urfh. Hee iz Ii and Ii am hee!
Yes Anonymous
Grandfather and the Dragon
When my great-great-grandfather was a young man, he travelled out into the world. First he went west; there was only sand there. Then he went north; there was only snow there. Then he went east; there the mountains were too high and great-great-grandfather couldn't climb them. At last he decided to travel south, on foot, on horseback, by cart and by boat. In the south he saw the largest city in all the world.
Wen mii graat-graat-grandfahther wuz a yuq man, hee travuld owt intuu tha wurld. Furst hee went west; thair wuz oonlee sand thair. Then hee went norfh; thair wuz oonlee snoo thair. Then hee went eest; thair tha mowntenz wer tuu hii and graat-graat-grandfahther kuhden't kliim them. At last hee disiidid tuu travul sowfh, on fuht, on horsbak, bii kahrt and bii boot. In tha sowfh hee saw tha lahrjist sitee in awl tha wurld.
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hello $
heloo $
No Anonymous
Happy birthday
Happy birthday!
Hapee burfhdaa!
No Anonymous
I can eat glass
I can eat glass, it does not hurt me.
Ii kan eet glas, it duz not hurt mee.
No Anonymous
Let him be pitied, who thinks there is only one way to make a language.
Let him bee piteed, huu fhiqks thair iz oonlee wun waa tuu maak a laqgwij.
No Anonymous
Proletariat of the world
Proletariat of the world, unite!
Prolataireeit uv tha wurld, yuuniit!
No Anonymous
The Rain Song
The Rain Song It is raining in the night in the desert It is raining My soul is peaceful. The raindrops are falling in the daytime on the leaves The raindrops are falling My heart lifts. The time of rain has come For a time in the mountains The time of rain has come My soul rejoices.
Tha Raan Soq It iz raaniq in tha niit in tha dizurt It iz raaniq Mii sool iz peesful. Tha raandrops ahr fawliq in tha daatiim on tha leevz Tha raandrops ahr fawliq Mii hahrt lifts. Tha tiim uv raan haz kum For a tiim in tha mowntenz Tha tiim uv raan haz kum Mii sool rijoys.
Yes Anonymous
The Tower of Babel
And all the earth had one language and one tongue. And it came about that in their wandering from the east, they came to a stretch of flat country in the land of Shinar, and there they made their living-place. And they said one to another, Come, let us make bricks, burning them well. And they had bricks for stone, putting them together with sticky earth. And they said, Come, let us make a town, and a tower whose top will go up as high as heaven; and let us make a great name for ourselves, so that we may not be wanderers over the face of the earth. And the Lord came down to see the town and the tower which the children of men were building. And the Lord said, See, they are all one people and have all one language; and this is only the start of what they may do: and now it will not be possible to keep them from any purpose of theirs. Come, let us go down and take away the sense of their language, so that they will not be able to make themselves clear to one another. So the Lord God sent them away into every part of the earth: and they gave up building their town. So it was named Babel, because there the Lord took away the sense of all languages and from there the Lord sent them away over all the face of the earth.
And awl tha urfh had wun laqgwij and wun tuq. And it kaam abowt that in thair wahnderiq frum tha eest, thaa kaam tuu a strec uv flat kuntree in tha land uv Shinar and thair thaa maad thair liviq-plaas And thaa sed wun tuu anuther, Kum, let us maak briks, burniq them wel. And thaa had briks for stoon, putiq them tagether with stikee urfh. And thaa sed, Kum, let us maak a town, and a tower huuz top wil goo up az hii az heven; and let us maak a graat naam for ahrselvz, soo that wee maa not bee wahndererz oover tha faas uv tha urfh. And tha Lord kaam down tuu see tha town and tha tower wic tha cildren uv men wer bildiq. And tha Lord sed, See, thaa ahr awl wun peepul and hav awl wun laqgwij; and this iz oonlee tha stahrt uv wut thaa maa duu: and now it wil not bee posabul tuu keep them frum enee purpis uv thairz. Kum, let us goo down and taak awaa tha sens uv thair laqgwij, soo that thaa wil not bee aabul tuu maak themselvz kleer tuu wun anuther. Soo tha Lord God sent them awaa intuu evree pahrt uv tha urfh: and thaa gaav up bildiq thair town. Soo it wuz naamd Babul, bikawz thair tha Lord tuhk awaa tha sens uv awl laqgwijiz and frum thair tha Lord sent them awaa oover awl tha faas uv tha urfh.
Yes Anonymous
Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
Awl hyuumen beeiqz ahr born free and eekwul in dignitee and riits. Thaa ahr endowd with reezen and koncens and xuhd akt tordz wun anuther in a speerit uv brutherhuhd.
No Anonymous
Genesis 11:1
1. And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.
1. And tha hool urfh wuz uv wun laqgwij, and uv wun speec.
No Anonymous
Genesis 11:2
2. And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.
2. And it kaam tuu pas, az thaa jurneed frum tha eest, that thaa fownd a plaan in tha land uv Shinar; and thaa dwelt thair.
No Anonymous
Genesis 11:3
3. And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them throughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter.
3. And thaa sed wun tuu anuther, Goo tuu, let us maak brik, and burn them fhuroolee. And thaa had brik for stoon, and sliim had thaa for morter.
No Anonymous
Genesis 11:4
4. And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.
4. And thaa sed, Goo tuu, let us bild us a sitee and a tower, huuz top maa reec untuu heven; and let us maak us a naam, lest wee bee skaterd abrawd apon tha faas uv tha hool urfh.
No Anonymous
Genesis 11:5
5. And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.
5. And tha LORD kaam down tuu see tha sitee and tha tower, wic tha cildren uv men bildid.
No Anonymous
Genesis 11:6
6. And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.
6. And tha LORD sed, Beehoold, tha peepul iz wun, and thaa hav awl wun laqgwij; and this thaa bigin tuu duu: and now nufhiq wil bee ristraand frum them, wic thaa hav imajend tuu duu.
No Anonymous
Genesis 11:7
7. Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.
7. Goo tuu, let us goo down, and thair konfowd thair laqgwij, that thaa maa not understand wun another'z speec.
No Anonymous
Genesis 11:8
8. So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.
8. Soo tha LORD skaterd them abrawd frum thens apon tha faas uv awl tha urfh: and thaa left awf tuu bild tha sitee.
No Anonymous
Genesis 11:9
9. Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.
9. Thairfor iz tha naam uv it kawld Babul; bikawz tha LORD did thair konfowd tha laqgwij uv awl tha urfh: and frum thens did tha LORD skater them abrawd apon tha faas uv awl tha urfh.
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Order 0
As you wish.
Az yuu wix.
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Order 1
Move out!
Muuv owt!
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Order 2
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Order 3
We're on it.
We'r on it.
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Order 4
No problem.
Noo problum.
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Order 5
Consider it done.
Kunsider it dun.
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Order 6
Very well.
Vairee wel.
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Order 7
On our way.
On ahr waa.
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Order 8
Let's get moving.
Let'z get muuviq.
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Order 9
You can count on us.
Yuu kan kownt on us.
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Select 0
Reporting for duty.
Riportiq for duutee.
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Select 1
At your service.
At yor survis.
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Select 2
Tell me what to do.
Tel mee wut tuu duu.
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Select 3
Awaiting your orders.
Awaatiq yor orderz.
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Select 4
Ready for action.
Redee for akxen.
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Select 5
What's the plan?
Wut's tha plan?
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Select 6
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Select 7
Your orders?
Yor orderz?
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Select 8
What do you need?
Wut duu yuu need?
No Anonymous
CIV IV: Select 9
All present and accounted for.
Awl prizent and akowtid for.
No Anonymous
Travelphrases 1
Where is my room?
Wair iz mii ruum?
No Anonymous
Travelphrases 2
Where is the beach?
Wair iz tha beec?
No Anonymous
Travelphrases 3
Where is the bar?
Wair iz tha bahr?
No Anonymous
Travelphrases 4
Don't touch me there!
Doon't tuc mee thair!
No Anonymous
#1: Starlings' song
The song of the starlings speaks of heroic deeds In the morning rain the heron does its laundry In the night the lark worships the stars Who sees the true nature of birds?
Tha soq uv tha stahrliqz speeks uv heerooik deedz In tha morniq raan tha heeron duz its lawndree In tha niit tha lahrk wurxips tha stahrz Huu seez tha truu naacer uv burdz?
Yes Anonymous
#10: Olympic Relay
Beware of the baby! O dear, what's happened? Yesterday, a pretty young girl came to our home to watch over the baby. She did what she could to entertain the child: she played with it, sung songs for it, etc. But nevertheless, the baby attacked her, tore her into pieces, devoured her, and it threw the rest out the window. What to do, what to do? I really don't know. And so, for the time being, we keep the affair silent, in order to prevent the police from starting to ask annoying questions.
Beewair uv tha baabee! Oo deer, wut's hapend? Yesterdaa, a pritee yuq gurl kaam tuu ahr hoom tuu woc oover tha baabee. Xee did wut xee kuhd tuu entertaan tha ciild: xee plaad with it, suq soqz for it, ets. But neverthales, tha baabee atakd her, tor her intuu peesiz, divower her, and it fhruu tha rest owt tha windoo. Wut tuu duu, wut tuu duu? Ii reeulee doon't noo. And soo, for tha tiim beeiq, wee keep tha afair siilent, in order tuu privent tha pulees frum stahrtiq tuu ask anoyiq kwescinz.
Yes Anonymous
#13: The Missed Bus Relay
One morning in December I could watch the following scene across the street from a bus stop: A boy, obviously on his way to school, stood in front of a garden wall. He had an enormous red tomcat on his shoulder and this animal balanced skilfully while the boy tried hard to shake him off. With increasing panic he watched the bus stop knowing the bus would be due any second now... The cat was quite undisturbed. Once, he put a paw on the wall, but seemingly it felt too cold, so he quickly retreated to the boy's backpack. The moment when he was comfortably sitting, having tucked up his legs, the school bus arrived. I suppose the cat spent quite an interesting day.
Wun morniq in Deesember Ii kuhd woc tha folooiq seen akraws tha street frum a bus stop: A boy, obveeuslee on hiz waa tuu skuul, stuhd in frunt uv a gahrden wawl. Hee had an inormus red tomkat on hiz xoolder and this anumul balensd skilfulee wiil tha boy triid hahrd tuu xaak him awf. With inkreesiq panik hee woct tha bus stop nooiq tha bus wuhd bee duu enee sekend now... Tha kat wuz kwiit undisturbd. Wuns, hee puht a paw on tha wawl, but seemiqlee it felt tuu koold, soo hee kwiklee ritreeted tuu tha boy'z bakpak. Tha mooment wen hee wuz kumfertabulee sitiq, haviq tukd up hiz legz, tha skuul bus ariivd. Ii supooz tha kat spent kwiit an interestiq daa.
Yes Anonymous
#14: Wedding
PORTIONS OF THE MARRIAGE CEREMONY (PART 1) [Now the priest will give a golden chain that he has just blessed, to one of the candidates, and the candidate will place it on the neck of the other candidate, and recite after the priest:] I [name] bind myself to you [name] from this day forward, whether in times of happiness or sadness, whether in days (full) of sun or rain, in good health or bad, wealth or poverty, and we will set forth on the course of our new life, always bound and united in soul and body. Thus I pledge to you my love and honor forever. [And the other candidate will do and recite the same] (PART 2) [Now the priest will say:] Let us pray to/call upon/ the Spirits [And everyone in attendance will say or sing:] Father Sun, shine upon their life, Sky, be always clear, Earth and Rain, help them to grow, Sister Vuruna, illuminate their nights, Brother Lalap, let your behavior toward them be good, Mother Sea, be calm when they sail on your surface, Wind, inflate their sail(s) and cool their faces, Forest, give them shade and shelter, Rock Spirits, do not obstruct their path, Little (golden) chains made of love, bind them, All you Spirits and Cousins too, guide and bless them when they set forth on their course with faith and love. May it be so, verily, may it be so forever.
PORXENZ UV THA MAIRIJ SAIRAMOONEE (PAHRT 1) [Now tha preest wil giv a goolden caan that hee haz just blesed, tuu wun uv tha kandadaats, and tha kandadaat wil plaas it on tha nek uv tha uther kandadaat, and risiit after tha preest: Ii [naam] biind miiself tuu yuu [naam] frum this daa forwerd, wether in tiimz uv hapeenis or sadnis, wether in daaz (fuhl) uv sun or raan, in guhd helfh or bad, welfh or povertee, and wee wil set forfh on tha kors uv ahr nuu liif, awlwaaz bownd and yuuniitid in sool and bodee. Thus Ii plej tuu yuu mii luv and oner ferever. [And tha uther kandadaat wil duu and risiit tha saam] (PAHRT 2) [Now tha preest wil saa:] Let us praa tuu kawl apon tha Spirits [And evreewun in atendens wil saa or siq:] Fahther Sun, xiin apon thair liif, Skii, bee awlwaaz kleer, Urfh and Raan, help them tuu groo, Sister Vuruna iluuminaat thair niits, Bruther Lalap let yor bihaavyer tord them bee guhd, Muther See, bee kahm wen thaa saal on yor surfes, Wind, inflaat thair saal(z) and kuul thair faasiz, Forest, giv them xaad and xelter, Rok Spirits, duu not obstrukt thair pafh, Litul (goolden) caanz maad uv luv, biind them, Awl yuu Spirits and Kuzinz tuu, giid and bles them wen thaa set forfh on thair kors with faafh and luv. Maa it bee soo, vairalee, maa it bee soo ferever.
Yes Anonymous
#15: The Dancing Out Of Time Relay
A Riddle See them dance. The have no leader. They have no music but their own voices, nor have they studied any choreography. Each goes where he will. But their dance is the most graceful, the most harmonious of all dances. There are no dancers more lithe than they are. They turn and weave so that they seem to have a single mind. This seems the least difficult work for them. Do any dancers make greater beauty with less effort? But they take not a single step.
A Ridul See them dans. Tha hav noo leeder. Thaa hav noo myuuzik but thair oon voysiz, nor hav thaa studeed enee koreeografee. Eec gooz wair hee wil. But thair dans iz tha moost graasful, tha moost hahrmooneeus uv awl dansiz. Thair ahr noo danserz mor liith than thaa ahr. Thaa turn and weev soo that thaa seem tuu hav a siqgul miind. This seemz tha leest difakult wurk for them. Duu enee danserz maak graater byuutee with les efert? But thaa taak not a siqgul step.
Yes Anonymous
#5: From the book of chaos
Recite the book of the primal chaos: The essence of the sea of chaos is contending things, so that they remain still, and do not move. When a magician dips from this sea, the chaos begins to move very much. Beautiful chaos! Thou art full of endless bits of information; thou art the world.
Risiit tha buhk uv tha priimul kaaos: Tha esens uv tha see uv kaaos iz kuntendiq fhiqz, soo that thaa rimaan stil, and duu not muuv. Wen a majixen dips frum this see, tha kaaos biginz tuu muuv vairee muc. Byuutiful kaaos! Thow ahrt fuhl uv endles bits uv infermaaxen; thow ahrt tha wurld.
Yes Anonymous
Concerning the Stars. There are four types of stars. The name of the first is walking stars, because they wander the night sky. The name of the second is stationary stars. They are distant suns. The name of the third is dying, or falling, stars. They are rocks that fall from the night sky. The name of the fourth is foreign stars. They are the stars that appear for a short time in the night sky. They are suns of worlds whom Goddess destroyed in her wrath.
Kunsurniq tha Stahrz. Thair ahr for tiips uv stahrz. Tha naam uv tha furst iz wawkiq stahrz, bikawz thaa wahnder tha niit skii. Tha naam uv tha sekend iz staaxenairee stahrz. Thaa ahr distent sunz. Tha naam uv tha fhurd iz diiiq, or fawliq, stahrz. Thaa ahr roks that fawl frum tha niit skii. Tha naam uv tha forfh iz foren stahrz. Thaa ahr tha stahrz that apeer for a xort tiim in tha niit skii. Thaa ahr sunz uv wurldz huum Godes distroyd in her rafh.
Yes Anonymous
A physician is walking on the road and sees a woman, barely conscious and with her legs cut off, lying in a ditch. He approaches, hoping to help her, saying, “Don’t fear! I’ll make sure that you receive help.” The woman looks at him and said, “My husband truly needs your help.” The physician asks, “Why? Where is he?” She answers, “He’s at home, raising our three adolescent daughters.”
A fizixen iz wawkiq on tha rood and seez a wuhmen, bairlee koncus and with her legz kut awf, liiiq in a dic. Hee aproociz, hoopiq tuu help her, saaiq, "Don't feer! I'll maak xuhr that yuu riseev help." Tha wuhmen luhks at him and sed, "Mii huzbend truulee needz yor help." Tha fizixen asks, "Wii? Wair iz hee?" Xee anserz, "He's at hoom, raaziq ahr fhree adlesent dawterz."
Yes Anonymous
A wicked man lived near a monastery. He believed [unfoundedly] that the monks had great treasure, and covetted it. The wicked man became a policeman. One day, he accosted a monk who was returning to the monastery. "Give me your key," he said. "I want to search the monastery for any criminals who may be hiding there." The monk said, "I have no key." The wicked policeman flew into a rage [lit. hurled himself into a rage], but the monk went into the monastery through the open door.
A wikid man livd neer a monestairee. Hee bileevd [unfowdedlee] that tha muqks had graat trezjer, and kuvitid it. Tha wikid man bikaam a paleesmen. Wun daa, hee akostid a muqk huu wuz riturniq tuu tha monestairee. "Giv mee yor kee," hee sed. "Ii wont tuu surc tha monestairee for enee kriminulz huu maa bee hiidiq thair." Tha muqk sed, "Ii hav noo kee." Tha wikid paleesmen fluu intuu a raaj [lit. hurld himself intuu a raaj], but tha muqk went intuu tha monestairee fhruu tha oopen dor.
Yes Anonymous
#9: Borromean Relay
Winter is the wolf that takes the old, the sick, and the very young Winter is the hard rock on which nothing grows Winter is the cruel beak and the sharp talon And so we beg you, bounding boy of spring, dance over the earth So that the sun your mother will look down upon us And flowers will spring from your footsteps.
Winter iz tha wuhlf that taaks tha oold, tha sik, and tha vairee yuq Winter iz tha hahrd rok on wic nufhiq grooz Winter iz tha kruul beek and tha xahrp talen And soo wee beg yuu, bowndiq boy uv spriq, dans oover tha urfh Soo that tha sun yor muther wil luhk down apon us And flowerz wil spriq frum yor fuhtstep.
Yes Anonymous
LCC2 live relay
"The Talking Rock" Yesterday I was walking along the beach when I tripped over a rock that could talk. I picked up the talking rock and said, "Hey! Are you a talking rock?" The talking rock said, "Yes, I am a talking rock." I asked the talking rock, "Why didn't you tell me to avoid you?" The talking rock replied, "Because I'm a mean talking rock." The talking rock's words made me angry, so I threw it into the ocean. I never saw the talking rock again.
"Tha Tawkiq Rok" Yesterdaa Ii wuz wawkiq alawq tha beec wen Ii tripd oover a rok that kuhd tawk. Ii pikt up tha tawkiq rok and sed, "Haa! Ahr yuu a tawkiq rok?" Tha tawkiq rok sed, "Yes, Ii am a tawkiq rok." Ii askt tha tawkiq rok, "Wii didn't yuu tel mee tuu avoyd yuu?" Tha tawkiq rok ripliid, "Bikawz Ii'm a meen tawkiq rok." Tha tawkiq rok's wurdz maad mee aqgree, soo Ii fhruu it intuu tha ooxen. Ii never saw tha tawkiq rok agen.
Yes Anonymous
LCC3 live relay
Standing on the island's shore, Drifting off to sea. I wish that I could be, Drifting off to sea. All of my hopes and dreams, Drifting off to sea. I watch my lover's boat, Drifting off to sea.
Standiq on tha iilend'z xor, Driftiq awf tuu see. Ii wix that Ii kuhd bee, Driftiq awf tuu see. Awl uv mii hoops and dreemz, Driftiq awf tuu see. Ii woc mii luver'z boot, Driftiq awf tuu see.
Yes Anonymous
Yesterday's boys
The boys whom I saw yesterday were Karl and Jake
Tha boyz huum Ii saw yesterdaa wer Karl and Jake
No Anonymous
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Hapee Nuu Yeer!
No Anonymous
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Mairee Krismes!
No Anonymous