Existing translations to Morlandian

Translation Original Morlandian Interlinear? Translator
Cogito ergo sum
I think, therefore I am
Ma mel, fel ma ea.
No Anonymous
Colorless green dreams
Colorless green dreams sleep furiously.
Menoseu gwerd diliv kuskuf i froc.
No Anonymous
bye $
Kenabh, $!
No Anonymous
hello $
Deve kavlo, $!
No Anonymous
Happy birthday
Happy birthday!
Gandeve lawen!
No Anonymous
I can eat glass
I can eat glass, it does not hurt me.
Ma bor deubhanh gwer, vo brivas men.
No Anonymous
Let him be pitied, who thinks there is only one way to make a language.
Gadael ez eranh truazev, bhadanh mê gu eo i unenh onh duwl guwnadanh es edeadev.
No Anonymous
Travelphrases 1
Where is my room?
Bhatea eo sal me?
No Anonymous
Travelphrases 2
Where is the beach?
Bhatea eo'r traezen?
No Anonymous
Travelphrases 3
Where is the bar?
Bhatea eo'r tavern?
No Anonymous
Travelphrases 4
Don't touch me there!
Vo kevuwrd men bhasen!
No Anonymous
Yesterday's boys
The boys whom I saw yesterday were Karl and Jake
Ar bucaneu bhadanh ma zê gweldu dec eniruf Karl ha Dêk.
No Anonymous