Translation of "We are humans" (Standalone)

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Original: We are humans and we are from Earth.
Lyeçhôp bôpeyð hëkp lelôplū ða Xad.
lyeçh-ôp     bôp-eyð     h[ë]kp-0      lel-ôp-lū=ða              Xad-0
call-1PL.AN2 PRO.1PL-ACC human[PL]-ABS come-1PL.AN2-AND=PREP.ELL Earth-ABS

Verbs are nominative-aligned; all nouns and third-person pronouns are ergative-aligned. Hence <hëkp> is in the absolutive state, being the second object of <lyeçhôp>, while bôpeyð is in the accusative case because it is a first-person pronoun.

Lelôplū=ða is a single verb here rather than a verb + a preposition, so Xad is the direct object and takes the absolutive case.